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BoltXGussy - Stars Align... by Emeraldarcbreon BoltXGussy - Stars Align... by Emeraldarcbreon

You know this better than I can explain
I lived it
Was lost and now I'm moving on
You wake up
Realize the dream
I feel that our luck is now coming on

See the stars align
And you know it's all for you
Down were you before
Now you come alive for this
There's calm inside the storm
If you know just what you're trying for
See what you could be
And you know you shine for me
Why not now

Remember how we saw it to be
I still see it
Still time enough for me
I see it shining
Can almost touch it
You can taste it in the air....

Kaskade - Stars Align:…


Hiiiii! I'm back from FA, to those who don't watch me there. ;D

After posting something there, I immediately got started on this.

Btw, I've been finding a lot of songs to draw my couples to, and so far I'm loving it! So much inspiration boiling up inside me it's crazy right now. *w* I'm sure you guys recognize that certain Goodra, eh?

Yes, next couple scratched... Ampharos X Goodra, or, in this case, Bolt X Gussy. :3

While they aren't in the same egg group or anything *sad face*, they do look like a fun pair. Especially without Amphy as shiny, Yellow and purple look pretty good together.

So here's Bolt (As a non-mega) and Gussy. The two managed to go stargazing -their favorite pastime- right when the sun went down, the stars arriving quite early tonight and the two got a chance to catch quite a sight.

Will I write a story to this? Maaaaybe. >w< Now that I got that idea written down I now need to think about it.

I also wanted to draw their hold items on them but Gussy's assault vest was annoying to put on her since I finished lining it before I added it. I also tried to ass grass under Bolt there, but Sai froze on me while doing that, so I went "F U" and just kept it the way it is. X'D

Next couple in line... LuxrayXPyroar. Gonna get some Lion King inspiration out there. :D

Hope you like it!!

Ampharos/Goodra: Pokémon/Pokémon XY

Characters/Art: Mine

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February 17, 2014
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